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Mamandla Fellowship: Apply Today!

The Mamandla Fellowship is uniquely designed as an accessible opportunity for mother-supporters who wish to lead a pro-mother agenda for social change in South Africa. The Fellowship is a year-long journey that includes compulsory in-person engagements, on-line learning and ad-hoc community conversation amongst the fellows. Attendance and participation at all fellowship engagements is compulsory. The Fellowship is designed to build community and networking. It is not an individual learning journey and fellows commit to showing up for each other during their fellowship journey. Every effort will be made to support logistics for participation. There will be no monetary contribution required for Fellows.

Yvette Zihhalirwa

Yvette’s passion for mothers was fuelled by watching her mom take care of the community, and she believes that she is one of the lucky people who found her passion and her calling early in life. Since she can recall, she has always had an

Taryn-Zoë Gurr

Taryn-Zoë believes that “the mom is the heart of every home”. Her journey and relationship with her own mother inspires her great idea for motherhood.  She wrote, “diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at approximately 18 months old I know that my mom is a huge part

Tana Makgoka

Tana is passionate about birth. In her work as a doula, she has seen first-hand the importance of a mother’s birth experience and the impact a negative, traumatic birth experience can have on the global health of the mother-baby unit. Tana believes that with the

Tabea Nong

Tabea’s  passion is in developing women’s sense of self-worth, outside of their identities as wives, mothers etc. She writes, “Society spends a lot of time attempting to solve the practical problems of mothers i.e. need for money equals to the social grant, food parcels etc.

Someleze Swana

Someleze “Somi’s” passion is to offer mothers support specifically with respect to mental health. She writes, “I imagine an honest and open community of mothers who are growing each other through sharing opinions, techniques and experiences.” Through the fellowship, Somi hopes to work on “a

Palesa Mshungu

Palesa has a passion for empowering women and creating spaces in which young women can establish self-worth.  She is the founder of the Glow Network, encouraging young women to “make conscious decisions about their lives, conscious decisions about their bodies”. One of the project’s aims