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Author: Rumbi Goredema Görgens

Maggie Marx

Maggie Marx is a research communication specialist at the University of Cape Town, a wife and a mother to two. When she became a mom, her eyes were open to the shocking amount of social injustice in South Africa. She works to use her voice

Mothers on Lockdown Week 2: The Balancing Act

What does this mean for moms? In a sense, the work-life divide has always been a constructed one.  No-one is ever just one thing at once. For so long, people – especially mothers – have had to pretend away at least 60% of whom we are for the sake of our professions and our job security. The gift of COVID-19 is that it has stripped away the props we rely on in this pretense: the office, the meetings, the work trips. Without these, we can no longer pretend away crucial parts of our identities.

This is not the Mother’s Day I expected

But I hope you, fellow mother, know that you are a part of an incredible community and we see you – ALL of you – and all your struggles and your triumphs and the roaring strength and beauty of what you are achieving each day, against all odds.

Encourage a Preemie Mom on World Prematurity Day

A mother sits upright in a chair. She exhales sharply as she tries to shift her weight off her freshly cut birth scar. She fidgets with her fingers, gently stroking the glass of the incubator next to her – the life-line cradling her tiny baby

#TuesdayCheckIn: Mother Africa

How are you doing this week? The 25th of May is Africa Day, a day on which we commemorate the founding of the African Union, and renew our commitment to working for the good of this continent, together. In our roles as mothers, we find that motherhood

#TuesdayCheckIn: Happy Mother’s Day Connect!

How are you doing this week? It’s the Tuesday after #MothersDayConnect2019 and we’re feeling all the feelings, from overwhelming gratitude for our volunteers to deep respect for the mothers who allowed us into this incredible vulnerable part of their motherhood journey. It means so much

#TuesdayCheckIn: Get Out the Vote

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week? This Tuesday, we’re reflecting on the long, winding road that has led South Africa to our sixth general elections. We still have a long way to go to ensure that all in South Africa live lives of dignity

#TuesdayCheckIn: Happy Worker’s Day

#EmbraceSisterhood, how are you doing this week?   This Tuesday, which is the eve of #WorkersDay, we’re checking in with working mothers, and by working mothers, we mean all mothers.   Whether your work in your home, in an office building, in fields, in classrooms,