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#IAmMother : Jessica’s Story


I think that a lot of women that are not moms, tend to actually underestimate their own ability to step in to be there for moms, because you feel as though you are lacking the experience to be able to resonate with what they’re going through. But I think as a non-mom or someone who is yet to be a mom, there is a lot of power in that you can offer so much coming from a space of that you have no prejudice of experience. You can completely be there to just be supportive, to be there to listen, to come in without a pre-conceived notion as to what she should be doing as a mom and how she should be doing it and I think that that is one of the most powerful supports a new mom or any mom really needs; is someone to come in with no preconception as to what they should be doing and to just love them and tell them they’re doing the best job because you have no idea what job you would do, so you perceive and know that they are doing the best that they can. And I think a lot of non-moms don’t realize, women that aren’t moms, realize how powerful that is and how rich that support is.