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#IAmMother : Julie’s Story


I think I wish that… before I became a mom, my fellow mothers and friends, who already had children, would have pulled me aside and given me permission to not enjoy every minute of the journey of motherhood. I always knew that motherhood would be hard and that there were going to be times where I was going to have to really dig deep to get through the day, but I thought that I would love every second of it. The kind of story that I told myself was that even in the hard moments, I’m going to love every moment, and the reality is that some of the moments have been really, really hard and I have not loved it and there have been moments of motherhood that I haven’t really liked. Not many, thankfully [laughs] – thankfully for the most part, I absolutely adore being a mom, but there are moments that are in the dark parts in the motherhood journey that… bring great shame and that I wished was ok to have conversations more regularly with other mothers, where we could have spoken about those moments honestly, so that when you feel the dark moments creep in, you know that you are not alone.