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#IAmMother: Sive’s Story

Sive Who has been the kindness to you as a mother?

My sister. She’s the most amazing sister ever that I have. She was helpful since, since I was in labour, I remember I went straight to the hospital and my sister came after, and she was the one that was rubbing my back through the pains, the one that was encouraging me to be strong, the one was telling me to push, push, push. Even when I was running out of breath, she was right next to me holding my hand with the two nurses that were helping, and when my baby boy came out, she was there and the time they put my baby on my chest, she was there until 11:00 when she left and came back the next morning to fetch me. And she was the one holding the baby out of the hospital. Like, so proud with a smile on the face. And I was so happy having someone that took care of me that was showing so much love. I was so, so, so, so happy and shout out to my sister was very happy. I love her so much.