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Letters to the NICU: From Marlise

Welcome to the most wonderful world of being a mom.


I’m truly sorry that your little one had to come so early, and that it has destroyed your picture of how it should be in your mind. My prayer is that you will know how incredibly capable you are, because moms just are. We were designed to be capable when it comes to being a mom.


My encouragement to you is to drink in every little thing about your little human. It’s a hard season, a feeling out of your depth season, a sleep deprived season, but it is also a miraculous season where you see yourself rise up in ways that you didn’t know you could, and you see your little person be amazing, even in the face of difficulty.


You are both brave and you have one another, and that in itself is a beautiful miracle. Sending so much love!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash