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Obstetric Violence: A Conversation

If you’ve been following our #16DaysofActivism campaign, you would have seen that we’ve been raising awareness of a much-neglected aspect of gender-based violence (GBV): #ObstetricViolence. Obstetric Violence (OV) refers to the mistreatment of birthing people by health care providers during pregnancy and childbirth and is

Urgent action required to address Obstetric Violence in South Africa

This normalised state of violence against women and birthing people seeking healthcare has an enduring, negative impact on maternal health outcomes and early childhood development. The abusive treatment of women and girls in maternity services is a form of gender violence that reflects the broader societal devaluation of women and girls in South Africa and the normalisation of violence against them, particularly marginalised and impoverished women and girls.

Raising the Alarm on Obstetric Violence: Tasniem’s Story

I struggled with postnatal depression and I still struggle with the trauma I experienced. It haunts me. I felt like I was in a nightmare that just wouldn’t end, straight from a horror movie. I kept asking myself if this was a dream, this couldn’t possibly have happened to me.

Raising the Alarm on Obstetric Violence: Meg’s Story

I have decided to share my story and join the movement of advocacy for obstetric violence and birth trauma because I need to know that there is action and advocacy for a better experience the next time around. For my next baby and for other women from all walks of life.

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is diagnosed during pregnancy. It happens when your body can’t make enough insulin, a hormone that lowers the level of glucose in the blood – which can cause health problems in mother and baby.

Letters to the NICU: From Amor

You are so special. It’s hard. It’s hard to spend hours in there and hours away from your home and your safe haven. It’s not in vain. You are doing an incredibly important job. You are mothering your baby. And it might not feel like it, but you know him or her better than anyone else on this planet.