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Meet Lauren, Preemie Mom

My Matteo was on earth for ten days. In that time I saw what can only be described as miracles happening because of how this tiny baby brought people together. Your baby will have a different journey, and you will learn things about yourself you never knew. Just know this: you are enough. And I am certain these gladiator babies choose their moms very specifically, no matter how long they are in the arena. I wish you hope and strength for your journey in the most sacred trust of all: motherhood.

Meet Karina, Preemie Mom

Trust in your body, if it gave birth before the due date is because it was the best to do that, something went wrong and your baby is better out than inside your body.

Meet Claire, Preemie Mom

Your baby will be ready one day soon, and all this will be over. S/he will grow big and strong and no-one will ever believe they were ever a preemie.

Meet Kristin, Preemie Mom

At that point, your baby needs you, and you need to be there. You push all your emotions away, and move forward somehow so that you can be there. You feel numb and overwhelmed with caring for this tiny human. I also felt unsupported emotionally because nobody else I knew had a preemie and didn’t understand what I was going through, I would often get comments that they might have thought were supportive but I found them insensitive and hurtful.

Meet Tania, Preemie Mom

Stay strong and hopeful. Keep informed too. Make sure the doctors are keeping you in the loop. And always remember to only panic when the nurses do.