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Meet Karina, Preemie Mom

November is World Prematurity Month. To honour and support the moms of preemies, we are sharing stories of moms who’ve been there and who can offer support from the other side of a long road. This is Karina’s story.


Tell us about the day your baby was born.

My pregnancy was normal and nice until the 34th week. Then I start to have contractions, I went to a hospital to stop them, but my water broke and my baby was born. It was hard to do a c-section (I would have liked to have a natural birth), it was even harder to not carry my baby when she came out of me.


Can you describe some of the emotions you experienced during the early days and weeks with your baby?

It was a mix of anxiety, not knowing when she would be able to be discharged; pain, I suffered a lot with the c-section; and sadness, not having my baby on my side.


Do you have any words of encouragement for a mom who is currently waiting for her baby to come home?

It will pass and soon you will have your baby with you and all this will be just a story to tell. Trust in your body, if it gave birth before the due date is because it was the best to do that, something went wrong and your baby is better out than inside your body.


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