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Letters to the NICU: From Letty

Keep the faith, wrap yourself in love and the knowledge that you are not alone in your journey. There are lots of others out here praying alongside you. I wish you love, hope, encouragement and strength on your journey.

Letters to the NICU: From Marlise

It’s a hard season, a feeling out of your depth season, a sleep deprived season, but it is also a miraculous season where you see yourself rise up in ways that you didn’t know you could, and you see your little person be amazing, even in the face of difficulty.

Meet Amanda, Preemie Mom

And remember, never ever lose hope and talk to that little person as if they can hear and understand you. Let them know how much you love them and how much you need them to fight for you.

Meet Emma, Preemie Mom

If you happen to be one of those moms, I wish you courage, strength and patience. You are that baby’s rock, their place of safety and their first love. The road is slow but you will get there eventually. From one mom to another, keep it together and know that someone is rooting for you.