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Meet Kristin, Preemie Mom

At that point, your baby needs you, and you need to be there. You push all your emotions away, and move forward somehow so that you can be there. You feel numb and overwhelmed with caring for this tiny human. I also felt unsupported emotionally because nobody else I knew had a preemie and didn’t understand what I was going through, I would often get comments that they might have thought were supportive but I found them insensitive and hurtful.

Meet Tania, Preemie Mom

Stay strong and hopeful. Keep informed too. Make sure the doctors are keeping you in the loop. And always remember to only panic when the nurses do.

Meet Gail, Preemie Mom

My ‘words of wisdom’ would be to remain calm, as your baby can sense your emotions. Babies are tougher than we think and will surprise you over and over again.

Meet Jadi, Preemie Mom

Giving birth to a premature baby is the same as going on a roller coaster ride. It is an up and down ride, you will scream and cry out of fear and in the same breath scream and cry laughter.

Meet Karen, Preemie Mom

There WILL be days with bad news, cry if you need to and then just know that tomorrow is another day and progress and good news will come. Preemies are the best fighters in the world!

Meet Sue, Preemie Mom

Be kind to yourself also – this is a big deal and your emotions will be all over the place so accept it and give yourself space to heal.