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Letters to the NICU: From Busi

To a Preemie Mommy,

1981 a woman was pregnant. She had just found out at 5 months that she is going to have a baby. While she was starting to enjoy her pregnancy and looking forward to meeting her little one, she did not expect it to happen at 30 weeks.

She was scared seeing her tiny baby girl with veins, tiny feet and hands in an incubator and needing support to breathe. In all of that, she trusted God. She gave the little one so much love everyday until one day the doctors said, ‘You can take her home’. The joy that came to her! She named the child Busisiwe, the blessed one and that child is me.

I’m 38 years beautiful, healthy and have my own family, so I would like say don’t ever lose hope and know that your little one can feel the love you give to them. You are not alone, we support and care for you, be strong because the little ones are stronger than you think.

Thank you and may you enjoy your bundle of joy as they grow.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash