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Making the Case for Mothers: Embrace’s Stance on Breastfeeding

In the absence of a comprehensive plan that centres mothers as the ‘breastfeeders’, it is highly unlikely that South Africa will meet the WHO’s global target of 70% for exclusive breastfeeding by 2030. As a movement of mothers and mother-supporters, and working for mothers and their families, we are committed to the work of making these positive challenges a reality.

eXpressing in the Workplace: An Employer’s Story

Studies have shown that organisational and managerial support for the implementation of mother-friendly workplace policies have a positive impact on the duration of exclusive breastfeeding among female employees, and contributes to improved job satisfaction, as well as better staff retention. At the same time, research shows that South African workplace remains largely unaccommodating to breastfeeding employees. As a result, lactating employees are forced to abandon breastfeeding when they return to work.