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V is for Village

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Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Moms need everyone around them to rally for and support our efforts to breastfeed.

WE are the village. Moms also need community, family, partners, friends, colleagues, neighbours, care providers, especially during the early days of motherhood. Our operations manager Rumbi Goredema Görgens writes the following:

If I, a proud breastfeeding veteran, could have anything this [World Breastfeeding] week, it would be the admission that breastfeeding takes a village. Our village is not nearly as equipped as it needs to be to make sure every mother who chooses to has the best chance possible at successfully breastfeeding. We need to face those facts. If we don’t, we are fooling ourselves, and wasting a great deal of time and resources preaching to the choir of mothers who want to breastfeed. This [World Breastfeeding] week should be about listening to moms. Ask us what we found difficult. Ask us what made the difference in those moments when, nipples raw, energy flagging, newly-emptied uterus throbbing, we wanted to quit. Assume that we know that breastmilk is wonderful. We don’t need you to tell that to us. We need you to offer to hold the baby so we can shower or sleep. We need you to cook us a healthful meal, served with a giant side of water. We need you to encourage us to breastfeed in front of you, and anyone else in sight. We need you to yell at anyone who tries to make us ‘cover up’ or feed our babies in back rooms and public toilets. Make breastfeeding a global mission, rather than an individual imperative. Behind every breastfeeding mother must be a village of support. Can we count on you?

Take a minute to send some love to a pregnant or breastfeeding mother and let them know that you are part of their village.

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V is for Village