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Y is for Yield

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Mothers who need, or choose to express their milk are often focused on the quantity of milk they can yield from each breast. It can be very frustrating to pump and pump and pump, only to yield a small amount of breastmilk. It can be demotivating when your yield declines or when you speak to a friend to discover they appear to have an abundance of milk when you are struggling to meet your baby’s daily requirements.

A few things to note:

  • What you’re able to express is not an indication of what your body can produce. Babies are usually more efficient at extracting milk than pumps. If you’re able to, bring your baby back to the breast as often as possible.
  • Your milk is designed to meet the needs of your baby. It is normal for your daily yield to change in appearance and quantity, based on a number of factors – most of which can be addressed, if needed.
  • There are ways to increase your supply. Google ‘Power Pumping’ or speak to a Lactation Counsellor or appropriate health care provider if you are concerned.

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Y is for Yield