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Meet Amanda, Preemie Mom

November is World Prematurity Month. To honour and support the moms of preemies, we are sharing stories of moms who’ve been there and who can offer support from the other side of a long road. This is Amanda’s story.


Tell us about the day your baby was born.

15/09/2017 started out like any other normal day. I was 28 weeks pregnant and I had a few cramps that morning but I just thought ‘It’s the baby, nothing serious’. My body was adjusting to this person growing inside of me. Oh but I was wrong… At around 11pm that night the pain just became more unbearable. I knew that something was wrong. I woke up my son’s Dad and we rushed to the hospital. When we arrived I was told I’m dilating and the baby is coming I was shock it was early I couldn’t believe it its only when I was told to push that I knew my baby is coming at around 3am. On 16/09/17 I gave birth to this tiny person he let out a little cry and he was rushed to the NICU. All I remember seeing was him surrounded by all these doctors and nurses making sure his breathing.


I just remember breaking down and crying.


Can you describe some of the emotions you experienced during the early days and weeks with your baby?

The early days and weeks were exhausting. I was anxious all the time and I was extremely stressed. Having to go to the NICU everyday was draining because you just didn’t know what that day had in store for you. I remember on his fifth day I walked in and I was hopeful. That morning as I was feeding him through his little tube, he stopped breathing and he did that throughout the entire day. Then the doctors called us aside and told us that he might not make it through the night.


Do you have any words of encouragement for a mom who is currently waiting for her baby to come home?

As hard as it may be, stay strong and positive at all times. Surround yourself with people who you feel somewhat understand what you’re going through – it helps. And remember, never ever lose hope and talk to that little person as if they can hear and understand you. Let them know how much you love them and how much you need them to fight for you.


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