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P is for Paraphernalia

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What do good maternity bras, nursing pillows, breast pumps, breast shells, nipple shields, nipple ointments, feeding cups, breast pads etc have in common? All of these items are designed to support your efforts to breastfeed. 

Some mothers need nothing in order to breastfeed successfully. Some mothers need or want to try every available breastfeeding paraphernalia. And that is totally okay! 

We cannot adopt a ‘purist’ approach to breastfeeding support. Yes, it could be viewed as ‘better’ for a mother not to have to reach for a nipple shield before every feed, but if the shield allows her to continue breastfeeding from her inverted nipple, and it is her decision to keep using it, we should be supportive of her personal choices. 

Women who want to and can breastfeed deserve every support and opportunity to do so – and without judgement. We believe that these essential items (like many others that help mothers to provide adequate care and nutrition to their children should be zero-rated) to reduce barriers to breastfeeding. 

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P is for Paraphernalia