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Making Mothers Count: A quick guide to the 2021 Budget Speech

To our fellow moms – We know you are exhausted with much competing for your attention – We shoulder the burdens (and experience the joys) of raising South Africa’s children. 4 in every 10 of South Africa’s children live in a household with their mother and without their father.[i] We

#IAmMother – A Call to Action

It’s August, which means it’s Women’s Month in South Africa. A month when we remember the powerful role women played in the fight for a democratic country. Somewhere between 1994 and now, Women’s Month has frequently been reduced to high teas and lots of pink advertising. If the Total Shutdown

Tuesday Check-In: building a spirit of encouragement

Tuesday Check-In. A simple start to being intentional with our friendships.   Today, the power of technology means we are living in an era where information is right at our fingertips. We can swipe for knowledge, swipe for our shopping and we can even meet new friends online. Yet, in

Black Babywearing Week #TheRevolutionWillBeCarried

Celebration isn’t frivolous – it’s powerful! Black Babywearing Week 2018 is underway and we’re celebrating what this means for black mothers in South Africa.
Whether you wrap, sling, buckle or tie your baby to your body – the revolution will be carried!

Embrace is hiring!

We’re hiring! Join our small team of passionate change-makers, working to ensure every mother in South Africa is embraced from the start.

Our new website is here!

It is with the greatest joy that I write this first post from the newly rebranded and re-energised Embrace. You may have noticed our new logo creep up on our social media accounts, but today is the day we launch our new website with everything you need to know about who we are, what we believe, and what we do.