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Tuesday Check-In: building a spirit of encouragement

Tuesday Check-In.

A simple start to being intentional with our friendships.


Today, the power of technology means we are living in an era where information is right at our fingertips. We can swipe for knowledge, swipe for our shopping and we can even meet new friends online.

Yet, in a world with so many connection opportunities, why do we often feel so alone? Has our ever-expanding digital world (and the incredible ease and appeal that comes with this space) caused us to be less intentional with our relationship building?

Have the Facebook birthday reminders and milestones displayed on Instagram become useful prompts that remind us when we need to reach out and check in?

This is not about shaming those of us who connect online. In fact, it’s the opposite. Technology provides us with a beautiful opportunity to reach out to each other when babies and families and work and life keeps us physically apart. If we have our phones in our hands as we nurse our little ones or travel to work or sit at our desks, let’s use them to be intentional with talking to each other.


Enter Tuesday Check-In….

Every mother deserves to be encouraged and valued. Every mother needs to know that even though motherhood has valleys of loneliness, she is never truly alone. We want every mom, and especially new moms, to have someone checking in on them each week.


The ask: It’s simple.

1. Choose one mother you would like to be more intentional about encouraging. Commit to encouraging this mother with one, simple message each week.
2. Sign up to be reminded to reach out and inspired with some simple talking points each week.
3. Send this mom a simple message each Tuesday that lets her know you’re thinking of her.


The how: We’ll help you get started

We know life is busy and relationship-building takes time. We’ve created a platform that reminds you weekly via a Whatsapp message and an email so you can start being intentional about uplifting a mother in your life. Head to the Tuesday Check-In sign up page here to get started.

There is enough mom-guilt in the world, and we certainly have no desire to add to it. Phone technology is accessible for many and is easy to use. Let’s reclaim the online space for sisterhood solidarity, affirmation and encouragement!

Many of the world’s most powerful ideas had very simple starts. A revolution of motherhood connections could start with one mother receiving one message, each week.