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This is not the Mother’s Day I expected

But I hope you, fellow mother, know that you are a part of an incredible community and we see you – ALL of you – and all your struggles and your triumphs and the roaring strength and beauty of what you are achieving each day, against all odds.

Mother’s Day Reflection

Motherhood is everything. To quote Tess Guinery, I am totally ‘into it’ and so ‘over it’, so alive and so tired, so hopeful and so unsure, so brave and so afraid, so confident and so crazy, so purposeful and so aimless, so intentional and so ‘go with the flow’.

Motherhood and Me: Mothering Oyisile-Murhangeri

Nevertheless, throughout my motherhood journey, I have learned that my daughter Oyisile Murhangeri (whose names loosely translate to victory and leader) moulded me into the person that I was destined to become. She has made me understand the true value of life and taught me how to persevere regardless of challenges, a trait that I could have possibly ignored if she was not here.

Reflections on Mother’s Days Gone By

If there is one small mercy for mothers as a result of this pandemic, I pray that its’ a deep acknowledgement of the role that mothers and mothering plays in our society. The world hasn’t stopped in lock down. The economy isn’t ruined. It ticks over in the stabilising force of mothers showing up for their families in their homes – doing important, life-affirming work to steady little children who will grow up to do great things.

Love that compels: Reflections on Mother’s Day Connect

Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa. The Embrace-community’s yearly Mother’s Day-outreach kicks off. Cheerful women’s voices echo in the halls of the massive hospital. Twelve volunteers, all mothers, are on their way to deliver gifts to mothers in the hospital. Elsewhere in the country, similar outreaches are taking place.

#TuesdayCheckIn: What’s My Name Again?

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is an excerpt of a poem by Hollie McNish. She writes: And it’s only when the stars are out and everything’s dark that my own name creeps out from under the table, and I’m able to remember the person I am, with a

#TuesdayCheckIn: The Mothers of Mother’s Day Celebrations

How are you doing this week? Today’s #TuesdayCheckIn is a little different: here at Embrace HQ, we’re in the thick of preparations for #MothersDayConnect2019. If you haven’t heard, here’s a short video explaining the why, how and what of the campaign. It’s one of our biggest nationwide campaigns and it’s an opportunity to