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E is for Exclusive Breastfeeding

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Exclusive breastfeeding is determined the best option for the first six months. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) as when “an infant receives only breast milk, no other liquids or solids are given”. But in a world where there is limited support for breastfeeding mothers, is it rarely possible to guarantee exclusive breastfeeding.

We need to give serious consideration to what it means to give mothers comprehensive breastfeeding support, which should include:

  1. Limiting the undue influence of formula companies (read Embrace’s statement on the WHO’s report on impact of breastmilk substitutes marketing on infant feeding decisions on our website)
  2. Providing adequate, consistent and ongoing breastfeeding education and support for mothers, immediately after birth and in the first 14 weeks postpartum
  3. Adequate funding for the state’s commitments to improving the national breastfeeding rate
  4. Training and deploying qualified and culturally-competent human resources in our country’s public health facilities
  5. Labour laws that support the unique needs of female workers in the early motherhood stage

Did you feel adequately supported during your breastfeeding journey? How can we better support mothers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below

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E is for Exclusive Breastfeeding