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Portrait of Monique

Monique Koopman

Being a Mamandla fellow as a health professional means an opportunity to bridge the gap between clinician and patient, to be part of the solution and not the problem. It’s an opportunity to not only hold a space for them but to learn how to advocate for a better future.

Chimonay Masumbe

I am truly grateful to be part of the Mamandla Movement. Being a fellow of the movement to me means serving with the capacity to “influence others through inspiration, motivated by passion, produced by conviction and ignited by a purpose” (Dr. Myles Munroe). I believe that I was born for a time such as this to let mothers and woman suffering with depression know that, ‘We Hear You!’

Bronte Davies

As a Mamandla fellow, I hope to contribute to Embrace’s work for changing the narrative around teenage pregnancy and obstetric violence in South Africa, to join and learn from a powerful network of women working towards dignified pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences and ultimately, to make health systems work better for mothers!

Nomgcobo Galela

It is such a great pleasure to be part of the Mamandla fellowship 2022. This opportunity will allow me to expand my knowledge and create relationships with amazing women.

Jolene Tromp

It is one of my goals to ensure that all women get to experience the pregnancy and birth they desire and deserve. And I am so excited about this journey with the Mamandla fellowship as it is directly aligned to what I wish to achieve.

Qaanita Rossier

I want to use the Mamandla Fellowship as an opportunity to learn the skills I need to return to the community, both my own and those in more under-resourced areas, and be a better supporter of mothers! A breaker of generational-chains! A sharer of beneficial knowledge and resources! A listener of stories! And an all-round advocate for the many issues that affect mothers in this country.

Noloyiso Williams

It’s such a great honour to be a Mamandla Fellow because I get the chance to meet and connect with like-minded women.

Maggie Marx

Maggie Marx is a research communication specialist at the University of Cape Town, a wife and a mother to two. When she became a mom, her eyes were open to the shocking amount of social injustice in South Africa. She works to use her voice and privilege to help raise

Memory Linzie Simwaka

My name is Memory Linzie Simwaka, a wife, mother, business administrator, strong supporter of mothers and an activist for different movements related to motherhood. I am passionate to see pregnant women in South Africa get supported with maternity support grant, I believe that pregnancy is expensive and that it is

Kayla-Tess Pattenden

Hi, I’m Kayla-Tess (she, her) – mom of two, wife to one, passionate social worker, committed Jesus-follower and proud South African. I spend my days in the private school and private practice sectors advocating for preventative life skills education, policy reform, consulting on statutory family and diversity and inclusion matters,